Practice Areas

Family Mediation

Family mediation is an effective and compassionate tool for settling family legal disputes. The process is based in communication, so not only are family members able to resolve whatever issue is at hand, they are also able to attain skills that can be of use in the future when it comes to communication. There are several benefits to using mediation to settle family disputes. It is a private process, which means people do not need to worry about “airing their dirty laundry” in public, as they would in a courtroom. Mediation is also more efficient than other options, so it saves time and money.Read More

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property disputes are common in the business world, but despite their frequency, involvement in a dispute of this kind can be frustrating and expensive. These disputes can also damage beneficial relationships and turn a professional relationship into something neither party wishes to take party anymore. Luckily, there is a way to resolve intellectual property disputes that avoids a great deal of the turmoil. Mediation offers a path to a solution that is efficient and effective, and can even help to prevent future disputes.Read More

Commercial Arbitration

Commercial arbitration is used to settle business disputes outside of the courtroom. It can be useful for two-party disputes or when disputes involve multiple parties. Arbitration is similar to a trial in that each side presents its information and pleads its case, and a third-party makes a ruling and determines the outcome. The main differences are arbitration is less formal than litigation, it takes less time, and it is less of drain on financial and personnel resources. In nearly every case, each side is represented by an attorney that has experience working in an arbitration setting.Read More

Expert Witness

An expert witness is someone, who by virtue of education, training, skill, or experience, has the knowledge and/or experience to provide insight into a particular issue. A person who is deemed an expert witness in legal proceedings is believed to have knowledge and expertise beyond that of a regular person concerning an issue and his or her opinion can therefore be weighed heavier. Expert witnesses in federal court can give their opinions concerning some legal positions or can testify concerning certain types of evidence in a legal proceeding. Finding an expert witness can be a challenge.Read More