Intellectual Property

Intellectual property disputes are common in the business world, but despite their frequency, involvement in a dispute of this kind can be frustrating and expensive. These disputes can also damage beneficial relationships and turn a professional relationship into something neither party wishes to take party anymore.

Luckily, there is a way to resolve intellectual property disputes that avoids a great deal of the turmoil. Mediation offers a path to a solution that is efficient and effective, and can even help to prevent future disputes.

Mediation can help you resolve a number of different intellectual property disputes, including:

  • Patent, trademark, and copyright disputes at the federal and state levels
  • Licensing agreements
  • Infringement avoidance

Mediation provides many benefits when it comes to resolving intellectual property disputes whether in federal court or before. It requires less of a time commitment from disputing parties and those providing support, which means not only are disputes resolved faster, they cost less money to resolve.

Mediation is also more flexible than litigation. This applies to the process, which is governed by the disputing parties, as well as the resolution. Not only do disputing parties determine when and where the mediation takes place and who facilitates the mediation, they also determine whether or not the issue is resolved.

Intellectual property mediation, like all mediation, is not successful until everyone involved in the dispute agrees to a resolution. This allows for an outcome that is rarely possible through litigation: a win-win for everyone. Litigation pits parties against one another and creates winners and losers who have each spent substantial sums on attorneys. In mediation, it is possible for everyone involved to walk away satisfied with the outcome.

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