Expert Witness

An expert witness is someone, who by virtue of education, training, skill, or experience, has the knowledge and/or experience to provide insight into a particular issue. A person who is deemed an expert witness in legal proceedings is believed to have knowledge and expertise beyond that of a regular person concerning an issue and his or her opinion can therefore be weighed heavier. Expert witnesses in federal court can give their opinions concerning some legal positions or can testify concerning certain types of evidence in a legal proceeding.

Finding an expert witness can be a challenge. You not only need someone who is expert enough in a particular field that a judge, jury, or panel will take the opinion of that person seriously, you need someone who understands the technology and you trust.

Expert witnesses must also be expert communicators. They will be cross-examined by the opposing counsel in legal proceedings and it is important they be confident enough to stand behind their opinion and not be confused or misled by attorneys. It is also important an expert witness be able to communicate clearly and present a logical and appealing position. An expert witness needs to convince a judge, jury, or authority panel that what was stated is fact and applied to the dispute at hand. A compelling expert witness is one of the strongest resources you can have at your disposal.

If you are in search of an expert witness , Albert L. Jacobs, Jr. can help. Albert has more than 40 years of experience in every phase of Patent Law. Mr. Jacobs and has spent the last 30 years litigating, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Chemical and Business Method Patents, both before the Federal District Courts, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit(CAFC) and the International Trade Commission (ITC).

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